TitleEase: A Turn Key Solution to Build your Title and Settlement Services Business!

Every commercial and residential mortgage transaction requires title insurance.

Quickly start your own title and settlement services business with a TitleEase Franchise.

Real Estate Professionals : Opportunity Knocks...

You’ve spent a great deal of time and energy developing a strong book of business and a successful real estate practice. Why not expand the scope of your business with a title & closing franchise?

Title Provider : Change is here. What is next for you?

You want to build and create relationships, provide your clients with superior service and deliver an impressive product at the closing table. That is exactly why we’ve created the TitleEase Franchise program.

Mortgage Lender or Broker

Owning a fully RESPA compliant title company is a terrific way for residential and commercial lenders to diversify their businesses while increasing margins in each transaction and enhancing customer relationships.

Entrepreneur : Your Next Venture Awaits

The title and closing industry is changing dramatically and with it comes new opportunities for entrepreneurs like you to provide solutions.
With a TitleEase franchise, you’re able to begin your journey prepared and ready to take orders.

Why a TitleEase Franchise?

Much more than a Title Company Joint Venture, TitleEase is not just an agreement between two parties, but a fully encompassing system meticulously developed to incorporate and deliver to our partners every element required to successfully build and operate your own fully compliant title insurance and settlement services business.

The TitleEase Franchise System is ideal for:

Title and Settlement Professionals

Real Estate  Professionals

Mortgage Lenders and Brokers



Benefits of a TitleEase Franchise

Benefits of TitleEase

The TitleEase TurnKey Solution

Building Your Business

We help you quickly build your title and settlement services business by:

  • Guiding your organization through the licensing process
  • Providing underwriter approval and agreements
  • Training you and your staff on all aspects of title and settlement processes, software usage and RESPA
  • Assisting you throughout the recruiting and hiring process by providing staffing models, detailed position descriptions, and our guide to best practices

Operating Your Business

Once your business is up and running we work side by side with your team and provide direction and oversight on every file by:

  • Implementing customized work-flows to maximize efficiencies and reduce timelines
  • Providing you our proprietary Operations Manual to guide you through every task and every function
  • Managing all escrow and trust accounts and facilitating disbursements
  • Providing our experts for additional support when needed


We provide you access to the most powerful and customizable workflow automation software in the title and escrow industry, ResWare, which enables your business by:

  • Automating your real estate transactions which streamlines processes, enhances productivity, and reduces stress
  • Empowering your team to perform quickly and efficiently
    Maximizing your productivity and your profits


Our franchise opportunity is deemed fully RESPA compliant. Further, the TitleEase System is constructed to remain fully RESPA compliant by monitoring and making changes in the event rules and/ or regulations change over time.

Monitoring regulatory changes and providing requisite training to you and your staff.

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