Your Next Business Venture Awaits

Participate in an industry that generated over $20 billion in title insurance premiums in 2021.  By owning a title company, you will be in a position to take part in this prominent industry, by providing services that are essential to every real estate transaction.

As a TitleEase Franchisee, you get the benefit of our years of industry experience and expertise as part of a unique turnkey opportunity.  We will work closely with you to simplify the burden of starting a title company by guiding you through the licensing process, gaining underwriter approvals, recruiting and hiring staff, and selecting a location.  We also provide the necessary training, technology, back-office support, compliance tools, and vendor relationships to assist you in building a successful, scalable business in multiple states if needed and desired.

Why you should start your title company as a TitleEase Franchisee

Starting any business is hard enough without worrying about logistics and regulatory issues.  The TitleEase title company franchise system simplifies starting, compliantly operating, and owning your own title company so you can focus on what matters most- providing quality services for your customers.

The TitleEase Franchise System allows the franchisee and the franchisor to share in the responsibilities associated with operating a fully RESPA compliant title and closing company.  We already have an experienced management team and established and respected services as a franchise company.  As a franchisee, you get all these benefits at a lower cost than building it yourself from scratch.  In addition, you add value with your personality, relationships, and energy.

Why you should choose TitleEase

Opening your title company

We are here for you!  A TitleEase title company franchise is a turnkey system that provides all the tools you need to open and operate your business.  Our detailed project plans and expert coaching will take you through every phase of the setup.  We provide licensing guidance, hiring and staffing assistance, one-on-one online training, underwriter relationships, third-party vendor relationships, and a comprehensive Operations Manual that covers every aspect of opening and operating your title company.

Operating your title company

From opening escrow to funding and recording, TitleEase will be working side-by-side with you on every file, providing direction and guidance throughout the entire process.  Our strategically designed workflows and system integrations allow TitleEase to perform much of the back-office title production while you focus on the customer-facing functions.

How can a title and closing franchise help you?

New Opportunities

A title company can be an excellent business opportunity for the right person.  With our years of industry experience and proven track record on your side, you can become an essential element of every real estate transaction.  You will be well positioned and prepared to participate in a profitable segment of the real estate industry that historically has had significant barriers to entry.

Eliminating Hurdles

Starting and operating a new title and closing company can pose many challenges. TitleEase provides the tools, structure and guidance you need to start your business venture in a way that operates both efficiently and compliantly.  Additionally, TitleEase System is fully scalable and makes it possible to grow your title business and quickly expand into new markets.

Launch Your Title & Closing Franchise