Mortgage Lender or Broker

Mortgage Lenders and Brokers are ideal candidates for starting their own title company

Rising interest rates, declining origination volumes, and margin compression are genuine concerns facing almost every mortgage lender.  The TitleEase Franchise System is an attractive and viable RESPA compliant alternative to a more traditional title company Joint Venture and is a terrific way for residential and commercial lenders to diversify their businesses while increasing margins on each transaction and enhancing customer relationships. With a TitleEase Franchise, lenders of all types now have a streamlined, effective, and most importantly, a turnkey system to start, own and operate their own title company.

As a lender, the TitleEase Franchise System will allow you to capture another vertical in the real estate value chain and organically grow your revenue to help combat margin compression and declining origination volumes in a rising rate environment. Further, in a declining interest-rate environment, or when third-party title vendor resources are scarce, the TitleEase Franchise System enables you to provide your customers quality and timely service.  As a lender, you spend a lot of time, energy, and money on customer acquisition. Owning a title company franchise helps you manage all aspects of your customer’s experience by integrating and better controlling two essential elements of the mortgage transaction – title and closing.

Why you should start your title company as a franchisee

You know that starting any business is hard enough without worrying about navigating through the logistics associated with a regulated industry.  TitleEase has worked closely with nationally recognized compliance law firms to identify and address each and every compliance detail at the state and national level.  Using these resources, we have developed customized project plans that outline a clear path to opening your title company, whether it be in a single state or multiple states.

Once you are open and operating you can rely on our continued support and involvement every step of the way.  From underwriter approval to leading technology, expert coaching and training, and back-office title production, we are here to support your success and growth. As a franchisee, you receive all these benefits at a lower cost than building it yourself from scratch, and the TitleEase System is fully scalable and makes it possible to grow your title business and quickly expand into new markets.

Why you should choose TitleEase

Opening your title company

We are here for you!  A TitleEase title company franchise is a turnkey system that provides all the tools you need to open and operate your business.  Our detailed project plans and expert coaching will take you through every phase of the setup.  We provide licensing guidance, hiring and staffing assistance, one-on-one online training, underwriter relationships, third-party vendor relationships, and a comprehensive Operations Manual that covers every aspect of opening and operating your title company.

Operating your title company

From opening escrow to funding and recording, TitleEase will be working side-by-side with you on every file, providing direction and guidance throughout the entire process.  Our strategically designed workflows and system integrations allow TitleEase to perform much of the back-office title production while you focus on the customer-facing functions.  Our preferred task-based title software provides complete transparency into the status of each file so you can keep your customers apprised real-time, and have the confidence that there will be no surprises as the closing date nears.

How can a title and closing franchise help you?

Lasting Impressions

Offer your borrowers speed and efficiency. Distinguish yourself from your competitors and add value to your existing customer relationships by leveraging and expanding your core business’ products and services offering.  Because when you give a great, lasting impression, you enhance existing relationships, thereby earning repeat business and getting referrals.

Increase Profits

Affiliated Business Arrangements in the title and closing industry continue to face regulatory scrutiny, and historically have been a significant barrier to entry for many industry participants. The TitleEase Franchise System is specifically designed to comply with RESPA and various state regulations, so whether you are a real estate agent, mortgage lender or mortgage broker, the opportunity for you to compliantly share in title premiums and settlement fees is now available.

You Are Not Alone

If your business is not positioned for a change in interest rates, your bottom line may come under pressure.  Expanding your business capabilities better positions it for success in a variety of interest rate environments. We are here to provide you with resources and guidance to diversify your revenue and help preserve and grow your profitability. Read our FAQ section to learn more about how a TitleEase Franchise can help you succeed.

Launch Your Title & Closing Franchise